A little bit about myself:

I currently live in the Gold Capital of Western Australia…Kalgoorlie. Unique in its own interesting way.

I try to appreciate the very simple things in life and look for the beauty in everything! Sometimes its hard to see with the pressures of everyday life but it helps me to be thankful for the blessings in my life.

I am married to a wonderful man. He really does make up my better half. He has opened my eyes, heart and mind to so many things.

I LOVE paint!!! The texture, the smell, the playfulness, the possibilties.

I just turned 30! Oh my… Scary for me but I will embrace it and make my thirties be adventurous.

I love to travel. Culture, diversity and the amazing ability we have to adapt to situations I dont encounter in Oz. I have been lucky enough to travel to Bali and Phuket (Aussie hotspots haha) and took our then family of 4 on a 6 week trip to Africa. Joburg, Botswana and Zimbabwe where our family has a holiday home on Lake Kariba…Blissful. (Hubby is from Zim:) )

I am a mother to 3 beautiful daughters. Amber-Rose 12, Talieta 4 and Saraya 1. They inspire me and make me want to show them that the world is big and full of wonderful things.

I hope to one day have my own successful creative business selling my artwork. I want it to be affordable and unique for every humble abode.

The rest I am still trying to figure out as i go along.





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