So it is 2015…wow!

The year my baby turns 15, my mum turns 60, I holiday in tropical paradise of Bali with my friends and maybe my little hobby will grow a little bigger.

My body is in pain every single day and my head is in a constant cloud of fogginess. Somedays I find it hard to function and think straight. Most days I try to keep my head above water and go through the motions of this beautiful life whilst trying to be a mother and a wife….somedays life is hard…..but im deeply grateful for atleast living it. To wake up and smell the coffee literally and to see the sun shining on the desert in which we live. We are blessed. Sometimes it is so hard to remember but it is always true. I want to live an honest and soulful life on this planet and for the first time in forever ( insert ELSA LOL) I feel like I want to share my art with anyone willing to look at it, be brave in helping people release their creative gifts and to start living authentically in the way I feel is right for me

This year I WANNA:

  • Hold a solo art exhibition of African inspired art…lots of BORIS!
  • Simplify our posessions and stuff.
  • Move my body more and learn yoga
  • Feed my body with whole foods and my soul with faith.
  • Learn more art skills.
  • Teach workshops….oh my that one is scary!
  • Watch my kids grow and learn
  • Dream big !

I am constantly amazed by the myriad of people living their lives in a bold and brave way. Normal people with extraordinary stories in their hearts. So few people refuse to believe that they too also have those incredible snippets in their hearts, blind to their own unique stories. I am one of those people. My life so far may be a little uninteresting but ultimately there is a purpose to it and I intend to live it…authentically, gracefully and courageous.

SUNHATsunset over Africafeathers flamingo namaste diary


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