Dance like nobody is watching

So…again its been a long time since my last post. Today is one of those “down” days, you know, the kind where you feel like you have crashed and burned. I have always thought having children shouldn’t stop you living the life you want or at least think you want. But…lately I have learnt otherwise.

Example 1: With my beautiful yet busy daughter number 3 who is turning 3 I can not edit photos or sit in my studio for an hour without having the cupboards empties, food colouring splatters, peanut butter couch and buttered floor. Don’t be fooled thinking this was a one off, this my friends is a daily ritual for my number 3 aka beautiful daughter. “Just lock the cupboards and fridge” “don’t let them eat in the lounge” I hear you say, I know this because I WOULD SAY or think it at least. I do all that!

Example 2: Do not think a nice ten minute lay down listening to the sweet sounds of peace is ok! Get up! You might just find your beautiful daughter has opened the back door , a new thing, got into your studio…unscrewed a very tight paint container and decided to paint on your commissioned art work, the washing machines (yes plural) , the back door, the floor, herself and while shes at it THE DOG! “What do you expect, her mums a painter”….I know this too!

Example 3: What a lovely day in the garden, lets do some gardening and attend to the houseplants. End of day….job well done, pat on the back. A few days past and you notice leaves are missing, whole branches are gone, houseplants have been hacked with scissors! (where the scissors came from I don’t know but she is a sleuth!)


Point in my example is this: I have been dancing like nobody is watching in my little business and the truth is no one is. Its the sad, honest truth and I find myself struggling to keep going on with what I would like to do in life but…my beautiful, messy, demanding, sweet, funny and trying, nearly 3 year old is teaching me a very valuable lesson. I itch to simplify our life and to focus on the small things because, lesson learnt, they are the big things. My daughter is simply making her mark in my memories and my heart. My business, the one I really want to take off, might just have to wait because I think that’s a big thing but really its a little thing.Image



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