Writing this post as I stuff my face with a wholemeal, cottage cheese, tuna sandwich feeling very jelly like in my whole body especially my legs after my first yoga class in around 10 years. Man! I am unfit and so uncoordinated:) Was quite embarrassing I looked like a fool but I did it and ill be back. I would for sure be classified as a sad pin up girl for any kind of exercise.ImageImage



On the home front, I just turned 32, yep its time for action with health and goals. My baby 2 started full time school which is a little strange considering I don’t make a good stay at home mum. Its quiet and a little lonely but baby 3 has settled down a little. Baby 1 is in year 9! growing into a beautiful young lady who im proud to say is growing up ok.

Work side ,the plan is to really try push the business this year to see if the want for my designs is out there. I have so many design ideas and prototypes itching to get out of my head but of course these things take time..patience is not my virtue. Opened up the new etsy shop with not one sale yet. Very disheartening but there has been a treasury and a few favourite items so they are being seen and loved from afar. Hope to be accepted into Down that little Lane online market… fingers crossed. Started the Flora Bowley ecourse finally! I have been dreaming of this course sinse she started it. The course reignited my deep desire to do Yoga and meditation and is teaching me a little theory in colour and letting go of needing a destination….slowly that partImage.Image




That’s my nut shell so far…there has been a lot of coffee, too much wine, new studies and mural work as well.


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