Its been a while!!

Life is crazy and unexpected things pop up all the time as you all know.
Mine seemed to be on easy street for around a week lol then as I was about to launch new products my fancy schmancy printer died:( Well, not died but got clogged heads. So as the story goes in any remotely remote place on earth getting a repairer was hard and expensive and with most my biz money tied up in other stuff I was stuck AARRGGH! A few weeks passed bla bla bla and its now in Perth finally about to get fixed YAY! We should have the ball rolling soon. Stressed and many moneys later haha. But as the saying goes “Ya gotta spend money to make money”.

On the home front Jeremys family said goodbye to an amazing man when he finally got to see his wife and God in Heaven. PTL for him having a wonderful family that I get to share my life with. A small dinner in Australia whilst they said their farwells in Zimbabwe.

Miss Tilly turned 5!I plucked up the courage to invite the class to her party and all in all I think it went well. Quite stressless which was suprising:) Miss Saraya turns 2 on Sunday but keeping it simple this time. Man I wish I knew how people pull off immaculate candy buffets and parties for 5 year olds lol!I would fail miserably, we had food splattered everywhere….Good times.

On the work front a few newbie murals and artworks. Its is amazing that in this age of friendships online and facebook you cant beat chatting to someone face to face its awesome! A beautiful couple was a pleasure to paint for and at the end they got me flowers!!! How sweet is that!
Here are a few pics of the latest murals…

marnie 11








I have also been working on a new set, something I designed with my kids room in mind which you can see here on Facebook

And in the studio is a woodland theme. Hoping that turns out well. You can stay updated with my progress on instagram if ya wanna:) Hippocrocaduck!!
This one I did outta LOVE for my baby. It has some special words on there that are on his wedding band and my tattoo:)
jims painting

Stay tuned my friends:) xx


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