Painting and Life

So this week  have been busy getting a few collections painted ready for scanning, printing and mounting for Hippocrocaduck but….. Kids!

I LOVE my precious little girls but sometimes you just get the momentum happening with a painting and almost by telepathy they know that’s the time to want food (constantly), fight, scream, want picking up and the rest. So I have had a few late nights in the quiet painting but still lagging behind in my to do list. Sound familiar? I know. I also managed to fit in working at my casual job in there, visiting the ducks and flying kites so it hasn’t been all bad.

Totally loving working in my garden lately, the heat makes it hard but when it cools its so relaxing. Bought some herbs ready to plant in our converted cupboard come veggie patch..YuMmo.

This week before our trip down south im attempting to finish the rest of my collection for a series im working on for the launch of Hippocrocaduck. Space, jungle and princess themes.

Here’s a little sneak peak into the life that is ours


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