Goodbye 2012!

Well another year upon us. Goodbye 2012.

2012 saw a lot of travelling for me Phuket, Bali, Sydney and a few trips down south and Perth.

We renovated and madeover the 3×1 house we rent off my inlaws for $5500! Yes I know but it is possible. We have a few things left to do but for now its home and frees up a lot more time to paint and create the business.

The kids are still testing my patience every day and I fall in love with the again every day.

2013 will bring my eldest daughter to high school and baby girl number 2 to kindy. Maybe the screaming and fighting will be more spaced out now they have some time away from each other ! I will launch my Kids Wall Art business and ill be brave enough to say that will happen in March! Website and all. Ill keep working on my art skills through courses and practice the art of gratitude every day. I have found a new love in cooking fresh foods and juices and Jamie Oliver has become my kitchen companion with his 15 minute meals ( a must have its so awesome). Im gonna do some serious butt kicking on my own butt this year with procrastination, doubt and fear, I gotta brave them all this year! Travel of course again to Bali in April for my bff 30th and my daughters 13th. Was hoping to squeeze Africa in there …we will see $$$$. My hubby turns 30 so maybe another trip?? It will be an exciting year I hope that will be filled with good times, challenges, lessons and abundance.

On the blog front im thinking of adding Watercolour Wednesdays. Im trying to experiment in this medium and will be a good way to make me do it. Also thinking a “now that’s talent” series? Of admirable and inspiring artists I find. Also blogging once a week and adding a newsletter once a month. I also might join some blog hops and collaborations. Time will tell:)

Heres to 2013!




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