Bali Bliss

Like most West Aussies, I LOVE Bali!

There is something mesmerising about it. Here are a few reasons why I do:

1) The ever present realaxed mood, not just by the balinese people but everyone.

2) The FOOD! Yummo. This time we ate dinner twice at La Vignia in Kuta. Its an italian restaurant, only 3 months old and the food was amazing. The decor was complete with hanging vines, moonlit mural, kids corner and a cocktail bar out front. Another fave this time was Macaroni. Divine and so cheap. I think I paid around $19 for 2 health juices, an entree, a main of swordfish and a water.

3) The people. I have worked in retail and with customers alot and hold customer service in high regard. Its effective when done right and leaves both parties feeling happier about the experience. Bali is supreme in their service. We were treated with respect and genuine niceness and it was refreshing because sometimes her in Oz customer service is lacking….from my experience anyways:)

Thats just some, there is the scenerey, shopping, colours, resorts, the cocktails and more! But this list is from my recent 4 day getaway. Granted its cheap for WA folk to get there but it is a gem in its own right.

Here’s a little look at my time away.


Loving this sculpture at the Padma.

So pretty. Padma Resort

Amazing chandalier at the Padma Resort. It was massive! and oh so beautiful.

The Padma Resort


My first tattoo… OUCHY lol (wasnt too bad)
It says “Forever and Ever” its for my hubby. Its a saying we have 🙂

Lisa aka “The best hairdresser in the land” and moi.

Me n kelly and more cocktails!

Under the sweet little waterfall at our hotel.

More cocktails!

A cute creek bed at the hotel ” Adhi Dahrma”

Us girls having drinks and with amazing views.

Adhi Dharma cottages where we stayed.

Beautiful Flora.

















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