Bali woohoo

I LOVE Bali ! I love travelling.

Bali has this beautiful but smelly feeling to it. The people are so nice and inviting, maybe less so now than they used to be but they never cease to amaze me with their cheeriness

“Happy Happy People”

“Git Git Waterfall”


This will be my 3rd time in Bali and my first time EVER alone !! In alone I mean with no man and no kids, just me and 2 of my bestest buddies. My hubby agreed that some time out from life might be what I need so it will be an interesting trip. I miss my man and kids already 🙂 It got me thinking though as mums we feel so guilty doing things like this and my guilt is no exception, I can feel it in my gut and heart but…. I am still a girl and not just a Mum. It seems to be a taboo subject admitting that you need to feel good as a person in order to be a good Mum and that means taking time out or working or whatever it is that makes you YOU.


So with all that in mind I am going to TRY REALLY HARD to enjoy this time away sipping cocktails, swimming, shopping and dining ALOT with some adventure in there maybe aswell seeming its my going trend for this year.

Ill post pics soon minus my beaut slr and our new compact Nikon AW100 waterproof camera. Much easier to cart around.

See you soon xx




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