DIY Pretty Storage Boxes

In February this year we made the decision to move back to Kalgoorlie from Australind, a pretty little coastal town down south WA. The move was made based on $$ with 5 mouths to now feed the $600 a week wasnt cutting it. Luckily for us we have family in Kal and we took over my in laws house. Rent in kal is pretty high so we werent complaining. Anyways we struck a deal that we would do $5500 worth of makeover on the house. Jim n I love this sort of stuff and we budget ALOT but…. we bit more off than we can chew 🙂 But its a good thing, im just a control freak and hate mess etc so its put me all out of whack. Its been a fun journey and we are not nearly done.

So i thought i would start sharing some of the diy things we do around the house and progress. So far, after finishing Miss AmbyRoses room and the girls jungle room we discovered 2 beds wont fit ! So we played swapsies. I painted over the mural i spent hours doing and restarted the girls room.

Here is one baby step I have taken, covering the girls boxes to suit the decor theme.

Enjoy x

Ps: bear in mind im very impatient and far from perfect on diy. Nothing fancy here 🙂

Pretty Storage Boxes

You will need:


tape measure

impasto gel, mod podge or simialr

paint brush

coordinating paint

assorted fabrics


pencil or marker

embellishments (if wanted)

Step 1 and 2

Choose your boxes. Mine are plastic $2.99 from Red Dot. Fabric lengths big enough to cover your chosen boxes. I raided these from Miss AmbyRoses fabric stash.

Step 1 and 2


Step 3

Paint the inside of your box. Not essential but these were green (not in the decor) so i used left over paint from the walls in the room.

Step 4 and 5

Measure the width and length of the box. Add a little extra to tuck under the bottom and/or over the top depending on your box.

Cut your fabric to size

Step 6 and 7

Apply your impasto gel evenly onto one side of the box and lay the fabric on top, smoothing wrinkles as you go. Continue on the other side. Depending on your style box you may find you need to trim, cut or fold your fabric to fit. Mine was tappered so i did all 3 depending on my fabric type.

More gel onto the bottom and fold in edges.


Pretty little storage boxes cheap, cheap! I priced wicker ones and they were a little too pricey for what i wanted to spend.

Ill have updated pics soon when they are up and on dispay in the girls room.

(not overly keen on the one with the flower so it will be facing backwards in the diplay unit lol)


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