Wow, where to begin?

Im still in shock, disbelief and floored by a recent phone call I recieved.

You see, a few months ago I saw an advert in one of my fave mags The Womens Weekly and it was a promo ad for officeworks. A $3000 voucher and return flights to Sydney and a lunch date with Helen Mcabe The Editor of The Womens Weekly! A huge prize which i really thought “who do i think i am” entering a small business giveaway but  i so desperately wanted my Epson photo R3000 with a $1299 price tag that i thought “WHY NOT”. 

I sat.I wrote. I rewrote…again and again. I put heart and soul and honesty into my entry on how $3000 would help kickstart my venture. How that win could mean launching my Kids Wall Art biz into the future and why its been so hard to save the money to buy it (or hard to part with money in a seemingly selfish way as us mums tend to feel) .

Well, they liked it! and I won one of the 3 giveaways!!!!

I think i sounded like a screaming teenager talking to their idol on the phone to the poor girl who rang and told me 🙂 Her name was Bethany and she was so sweet and didnt make me feel like a bumbling idiot, just the opposite she made me feel worthy. A strange word for me to use about myself but thats how she made me feel. Im still in complete shock and nerves are kicking in already like, what will i wear? I wear thongs and jeans 95% of the time so in Sydney and lunch with the editor of one of my fave magazines…what do i wear? Have they seen my art? Do they think its good enough? Will i make a fool of myself? In the moments of clarity I do manage to centre myself and bask in the glory of the my little win. Its almost as if as soon as I begin to feel proud or happy for myself that voice kicks in saying “got tickets on yourself love”, “who do you think you are”. The mind and emotions of people are weird things arent they.

The truth remains I am so so so HAPPY and grateful for this win that no matter what those demons tell me i am going to ride this adventure with grace and pride.



2 thoughts on “My KICKSTARTER win !

  1. Again, well done! How exciting! Will probably be scary and fantastic at the same time, but worth it. I LOVE your art (had a squiz at your fb page) and if the prize helps more people see it, well that’s a great thing. Enjoy 🙂

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