I’ll drink to that…

So many warm thankyous to everyone and your beautiful comments. With such awesome support this journey will be an adventure:)

So, here I am sitting at the table writing this post and my head is in a thousand places….FRAZZLED.

I am thinking about my mum in hospital and the horrible disease that puts her there, my nearly teenage 12 year old and her hormones, annoying PMS symptoms like I wanna stab somebody and the seemingly endless job of trying to finish our little $5500 home reno/makeover.

A truth about me… I HATE mess, unfinished business and everything un organized. My head spins, I cant concentrate and am uneased constantly. I like to finish my jobs then relax and revel in my labour, free to daydream with out interuptions.

It may be house proud, some may even call it anal behavior but it makes me feel better. Meditation for the mind! Stops me going crazy loco.

My mini adventure for the next 3 months is to transform the house into a home that we are comfortable in for the next few years. Showing my Mum that shes the greatest Mum on the planet and making some fun family memeories. The PMS…well, whats a girl gonna do about that ?  🙂


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