Flying Free

Today marks my first ever blog post! EEEEKKKK scary.

Its feels a little different to writing post on facebook, seems more serious and is taking up more brain power.

I struggle (and for those who know me ANNOYINGLY struggle) with confidence in my art. I love painting and couldnt imagine life without it but the little voices of doubt and fear are consumimg me to the point of sleepless nights, headaches and a constant feeling of scardy pants syndrome.

To the voices I say….. ENOUGH!!!!

To myself I say ……TOUGHEN UP!!!!

What have I got to lose by putting my art out there? I wont lose a limb (unless by feak accident) and I feel its time to see if it can go somewhere.

Flying Lessons is an ecourse by talented artist and creative biz whizz, Kelly Rae Roberts. She is inspiring and her infectious writing and love is getting into my head and soul. The group of attendees are awesome, talented and supportive which makes the journey smoother.

With my new found knowledge I hope to bite the bullet, get my butt into action and make my dreams reality



18 thoughts on “Flying Free

  1. Hi Em,
    It’s a great step you’re taking! I say be gentle with yourself, and tough on those doubt voices. Blessings on your journey. (I’m in Flying Lessons too, btw) 🙂 “Paint often, and joyfully” … a quote I read once from an artist named Helain McLain. 🙂

  2. Don’t you just love the exhilarating feeling you have now? I’m so used to one of my little pre-K tikes coming up to me at school and asking, “Teacher, teacher, did I did good?” So, Ems, you did better than good…you started!! Congratulations from a Flying sister!

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