This is what we been doin’

Oh my I still cant quite believe it is MARCH! Where has time gone??

We have actually made a few moves on the HIPPOCROCADUCK front which is exciting! I have held 2 Brave Art nights locally with booked out classes. Im pretty amazed at that and so so grateful. I really hope I can inspire these beautiful creative people to play with paint just for fun! We drink wine, we laugh ..its lovely really:)

FEATHERS CLASS COLLAGE group shot love birds2 lovebirds1 workshop set up These peeps are inspiring me more than they know!

I dream of one day having my own studio to hold workshops but at the moment Fossick Handmade here in Kalgoorlie have this beautiful space I have been lucky enough to utilise for the workshops..its so pretty !

We have been busy with a few commissions for local cafes. Eat Pizza..its as yum as it sounds..we created a mural, bench and menu for their new shop area.


Jim is pretty clever using recycled wood and bits to create really eye catching design!

Next up we have Plum Café …another exciting avenue and a big one. Pics to come soon when its finished !!

On the home front we hope to buy a house. Its a big dream and I pray the odds are for us lol.

Life is blissful and I always try to see the simple beauty that surrounds us that is often overlooked. With busy lives these days it is great to “stop and smell the roses”. As far as art and design goes, Jim and I get to create and share our passion with people no matter how big or small and one day who knows….maybe HIPPOCROCADUCK will make its way into lots of hearts:)


Huggles and Kisses



So it is 2015…wow!

The year my baby turns 15, my mum turns 60, I holiday in tropical paradise of Bali with my friends and maybe my little hobby will grow a little bigger.

My body is in pain every single day and my head is in a constant cloud of fogginess. Somedays I find it hard to function and think straight. Most days I try to keep my head above water and go through the motions of this beautiful life whilst trying to be a mother and a wife….somedays life is hard…..but im deeply grateful for atleast living it. To wake up and smell the coffee literally and to see the sun shining on the desert in which we live. We are blessed. Sometimes it is so hard to remember but it is always true. I want to live an honest and soulful life on this planet and for the first time in forever ( insert ELSA LOL) I feel like I want to share my art with anyone willing to look at it, be brave in helping people release their creative gifts and to start living authentically in the way I feel is right for me

This year I WANNA:

  • Hold a solo art exhibition of African inspired art…lots of BORIS!
  • Simplify our posessions and stuff.
  • Move my body more and learn yoga
  • Feed my body with whole foods and my soul with faith.
  • Learn more art skills.
  • Teach workshops….oh my that one is scary!
  • Watch my kids grow and learn
  • Dream big !

I am constantly amazed by the myriad of people living their lives in a bold and brave way. Normal people with extraordinary stories in their hearts. So few people refuse to believe that they too also have those incredible snippets in their hearts, blind to their own unique stories. I am one of those people. My life so far may be a little uninteresting but ultimately there is a purpose to it and I intend to live it…authentically, gracefully and courageous.

SUNHATsunset over Africafeathers flamingo namaste diary

Dance like nobody is watching

So…again its been a long time since my last post. Today is one of those “down” days, you know, the kind where you feel like you have crashed and burned. I have always thought having children shouldn’t stop you living the life you want or at least think you want. But…lately I have learnt otherwise.

Example 1: With my beautiful yet busy daughter number 3 who is turning 3 I can not edit photos or sit in my studio for an hour without having the cupboards empties, food colouring splatters, peanut butter couch and buttered floor. Don’t be fooled thinking this was a one off, this my friends is a daily ritual for my number 3 aka beautiful daughter. “Just lock the cupboards and fridge” “don’t let them eat in the lounge” I hear you say, I know this because I WOULD SAY or think it at least. I do all that!

Example 2: Do not think a nice ten minute lay down listening to the sweet sounds of peace is ok! Get up! You might just find your beautiful daughter has opened the back door , a new thing, got into your studio…unscrewed a very tight paint container and decided to paint on your commissioned art work, the washing machines (yes plural) , the back door, the floor, herself and while shes at it THE DOG! “What do you expect, her mums a painter”….I know this too!

Example 3: What a lovely day in the garden, lets do some gardening and attend to the houseplants. End of day….job well done, pat on the back. A few days past and you notice leaves are missing, whole branches are gone, houseplants have been hacked with scissors! (where the scissors came from I don’t know but she is a sleuth!)


Point in my example is this: I have been dancing like nobody is watching in my little business and the truth is no one is. Its the sad, honest truth and I find myself struggling to keep going on with what I would like to do in life but…my beautiful, messy, demanding, sweet, funny and trying, nearly 3 year old is teaching me a very valuable lesson. I itch to simplify our life and to focus on the small things because, lesson learnt, they are the big things. My daughter is simply making her mark in my memories and my heart. My business, the one I really want to take off, might just have to wait because I think that’s a big thing but really its a little thing.Image



Writing this post as I stuff my face with a wholemeal, cottage cheese, tuna sandwich feeling very jelly like in my whole body especially my legs after my first yoga class in around 10 years. Man! I am unfit and so uncoordinated:) Was quite embarrassing I looked like a fool but I did it and ill be back. I would for sure be classified as a sad pin up girl for any kind of exercise.ImageImage



On the home front, I just turned 32, yep its time for action with health and goals. My baby 2 started full time school which is a little strange considering I don’t make a good stay at home mum. Its quiet and a little lonely but baby 3 has settled down a little. Baby 1 is in year 9! growing into a beautiful young lady who im proud to say is growing up ok.

Work side ,the plan is to really try push the business this year to see if the want for my designs is out there. I have so many design ideas and prototypes itching to get out of my head but of course these things take time..patience is not my virtue. Opened up the new etsy shop with not one sale yet. Very disheartening but there has been a treasury and a few favourite items so they are being seen and loved from afar. Hope to be accepted into Down that little Lane online market… fingers crossed. Started the Flora Bowley ecourse finally! I have been dreaming of this course sinse she started it. The course reignited my deep desire to do Yoga and meditation and is teaching me a little theory in colour and letting go of needing a destination….slowly that partImage.Image




That’s my nut shell so far…there has been a lot of coffee, too much wine, new studies and mural work as well.

Its been a while!!

Life is crazy and unexpected things pop up all the time as you all know.
Mine seemed to be on easy street for around a week lol then as I was about to launch new products my fancy schmancy printer died:( Well, not died but got clogged heads. So as the story goes in any remotely remote place on earth getting a repairer was hard and expensive and with most my biz money tied up in other stuff I was stuck AARRGGH! A few weeks passed bla bla bla and its now in Perth finally about to get fixed YAY! We should have the ball rolling soon. Stressed and many moneys later haha. But as the saying goes “Ya gotta spend money to make money”.

On the home front Jeremys family said goodbye to an amazing man when he finally got to see his wife and God in Heaven. PTL for him having a wonderful family that I get to share my life with. A small dinner in Australia whilst they said their farwells in Zimbabwe.

Miss Tilly turned 5!I plucked up the courage to invite the class to her party and all in all I think it went well. Quite stressless which was suprising:) Miss Saraya turns 2 on Sunday but keeping it simple this time. Man I wish I knew how people pull off immaculate candy buffets and parties for 5 year olds lol!I would fail miserably, we had food splattered everywhere….Good times.

On the work front a few newbie murals and artworks. Its is amazing that in this age of friendships online and facebook you cant beat chatting to someone face to face its awesome! A beautiful couple was a pleasure to paint for and at the end they got me flowers!!! How sweet is that!
Here are a few pics of the latest murals…

marnie 11








I have also been working on a new set, something I designed with my kids room in mind which you can see here on Facebook

And in the studio is a woodland theme. Hoping that turns out well. You can stay updated with my progress on instagram if ya wanna:) Hippocrocaduck!!
This one I did outta LOVE for my baby. It has some special words on there that are on his wedding band and my tattoo:)
jims painting

Stay tuned my friends:) xx

Painting and Life

So this week  have been busy getting a few collections painted ready for scanning, printing and mounting for Hippocrocaduck but….. Kids!

I LOVE my precious little girls but sometimes you just get the momentum happening with a painting and almost by telepathy they know that’s the time to want food (constantly), fight, scream, want picking up and the rest. So I have had a few late nights in the quiet painting but still lagging behind in my to do list. Sound familiar? I know. I also managed to fit in working at my casual job in there, visiting the ducks and flying kites so it hasn’t been all bad.

Totally loving working in my garden lately, the heat makes it hard but when it cools its so relaxing. Bought some herbs ready to plant in our converted cupboard come veggie patch..YuMmo.

This week before our trip down south im attempting to finish the rest of my collection for a series im working on for the launch of Hippocrocaduck. Space, jungle and princess themes.

Here’s a little sneak peak into the life that is ours

Goodbye 2012!

Well another year upon us. Goodbye 2012.

2012 saw a lot of travelling for me Phuket, Bali, Sydney and a few trips down south and Perth.

We renovated and madeover the 3×1 house we rent off my inlaws for $5500! Yes I know but it is possible. We have a few things left to do but for now its home and frees up a lot more time to paint and create the business.

The kids are still testing my patience every day and I fall in love with the again every day.

2013 will bring my eldest daughter to high school and baby girl number 2 to kindy. Maybe the screaming and fighting will be more spaced out now they have some time away from each other ! I will launch my Kids Wall Art business and ill be brave enough to say that will happen in March! Website and all. Ill keep working on my art skills through courses and practice the art of gratitude every day. I have found a new love in cooking fresh foods and juices and Jamie Oliver has become my kitchen companion with his 15 minute meals ( a must have its so awesome). Im gonna do some serious butt kicking on my own butt this year with procrastination, doubt and fear, I gotta brave them all this year! Travel of course again to Bali in April for my bff 30th and my daughters 13th. Was hoping to squeeze Africa in there …we will see $$$$. My hubby turns 30 so maybe another trip?? It will be an exciting year I hope that will be filled with good times, challenges, lessons and abundance.

On the blog front im thinking of adding Watercolour Wednesdays. Im trying to experiment in this medium and will be a good way to make me do it. Also thinking a “now that’s talent” series? Of admirable and inspiring artists I find. Also blogging once a week and adding a newsletter once a month. I also might join some blog hops and collaborations. Time will tell:)

Heres to 2013!




Most creatives will admit to days on end when they are consumed by doubt, fear and confusion.

Well these are my days.

A few things have been happening and I am questioning myself and what paths to take. Firstly, the vouchers I won the whole $3000 worth, might not be able to be used to buy my Epson R3000 and scanner. Sad, I entered the competition in the hope of buying these 2 things to kickstart my kids decor range. Maybe ill work around it somehow and yes, I also get to go to Sydney and meet with Helen Mcabe….BUT…. I keep seeing signs!

We recently moved my studio space into its new area. We are a family of 5 in a 3 bedroom house with no space to paint so a wall was put on the carport to act as a studio (I have a very supportive family). It rained and low and behold…it floods:( So now thats on hold some more until another wall is built. Another sign?

The rest is just gut feeling. Am I good enough? Do I have the patience to keep up with facebook updates, twitter, blog posts, press releases, printing, marketing, newsletters and the rest? When will I find that thing that is my style? When will I stop trying different artists techniques in the hope that it fits me?  Will I ever be a “real” artist? What is a “real” artist?

Truth is i have always dreamt of illustrating kids books. I love painting for kids and the freedom it gives. I also want to paint art to hang in galleries and exhibits but I dont feel im at that point yet, i dont feel GOOD enough.

In awe of passionate, talented creatives in the like of Kelly Rae Roberts, Jane Davenport, Flora Bowley, Donna Heart, Tam Laporte, Emma Blythe,Juuri, Monique…the list can go on, they continue to inspire me and teach me skills i need to learn but I cant seem to transition from their art into my own.

The designs i create for children are mine and for that i am proud but will they sell. Will they be able to be the driving force behind my pipe dream? So many questions 🙂

To be able to paint and create is a gift. The ability to create beauty that has never been seen is something special. Envisioning that something in your mind and sharing it for the world to see and enjoy is an awesome feat in itself…….BUT…..yes another but….am I one of those blessed people? And if I am what is the purpose to my art?

Here are some of the truly inspiring artists I admire:

WA Artist Emma Blythe


Jane Davenport

Flora Bowley


Bali Bliss

Like most West Aussies, I LOVE Bali!

There is something mesmerising about it. Here are a few reasons why I do:

1) The ever present realaxed mood, not just by the balinese people but everyone.

2) The FOOD! Yummo. This time we ate dinner twice at La Vignia in Kuta. Its an italian restaurant, only 3 months old and the food was amazing. The decor was complete with hanging vines, moonlit mural, kids corner and a cocktail bar out front. Another fave this time was Macaroni. Divine and so cheap. I think I paid around $19 for 2 health juices, an entree, a main of swordfish and a water.

3) The people. I have worked in retail and with customers alot and hold customer service in high regard. Its effective when done right and leaves both parties feeling happier about the experience. Bali is supreme in their service. We were treated with respect and genuine niceness and it was refreshing because sometimes her in Oz customer service is lacking….from my experience anyways:)

Thats just some, there is the scenerey, shopping, colours, resorts, the cocktails and more! But this list is from my recent 4 day getaway. Granted its cheap for WA folk to get there but it is a gem in its own right.

Here’s a little look at my time away.


Loving this sculpture at the Padma.

So pretty. Padma Resort

Amazing chandalier at the Padma Resort. It was massive! and oh so beautiful.

The Padma Resort


My first tattoo… OUCHY lol (wasnt too bad)
It says “Forever and Ever” its for my hubby. Its a saying we have 🙂

Lisa aka “The best hairdresser in the land” and moi.

Me n kelly and more cocktails!

Under the sweet little waterfall at our hotel.

More cocktails!

A cute creek bed at the hotel ” Adhi Dahrma”

Us girls having drinks and with amazing views.

Adhi Dharma cottages where we stayed.

Beautiful Flora.
















Bali woohoo

I LOVE Bali ! I love travelling.

Bali has this beautiful but smelly feeling to it. The people are so nice and inviting, maybe less so now than they used to be but they never cease to amaze me with their cheeriness

“Happy Happy People”

“Git Git Waterfall”


This will be my 3rd time in Bali and my first time EVER alone !! In alone I mean with no man and no kids, just me and 2 of my bestest buddies. My hubby agreed that some time out from life might be what I need so it will be an interesting trip. I miss my man and kids already 🙂 It got me thinking though as mums we feel so guilty doing things like this and my guilt is no exception, I can feel it in my gut and heart but…. I am still a girl and not just a Mum. It seems to be a taboo subject admitting that you need to feel good as a person in order to be a good Mum and that means taking time out or working or whatever it is that makes you YOU.


So with all that in mind I am going to TRY REALLY HARD to enjoy this time away sipping cocktails, swimming, shopping and dining ALOT with some adventure in there maybe aswell seeming its my going trend for this year.

Ill post pics soon minus my beaut slr and our new compact Nikon AW100 waterproof camera. Much easier to cart around.

See you soon xx